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A brief, 1-sentence statement introducing you, your brand, and your purpose.

Overview: Include a brief 1 or 2-sentence statement expanding on your brand identity and purpose.

A 10-word headline describing how you can help customers achieve their dreams

Word count recommendation: 30-50 words

Overview: This section should introduce your mission statement.

Define your “why:” What is the mission of your business? For example, what aspirations do you hold for your clients?
Define your “what:” What is the differentiated value or perspective that you hope to provide to your clients?


If you’re going to grow,
you have to be intentional.

The Timeline


Second step in timeline.


Fourth step in timeline.
First step in timeline.


Third step in timeline.


How it all began

A 3-5 word headline reinforcing what sets your story apart.

Word count recommendation: 100 words

Overview: This section should give your company’s story a more personal dimension and help clients get to know your brand on a more personal level.

Considerations and questions:

Include a crucial moment in your story in 1-3 sentences. (E.g., Then this really amazing thing happened. I wanted to give up but instead leaned in.)

Overview: Expand on.a pivotal moment in your story:

Favorite Recipes

Sunday Sticky Buns



Overview: Include a brief snapshot of your recipe instructions here. Readers can click the link for full instructions.

Word count recommendation: 30 words

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A brief call-to-action for your freebie
(E.g., What’s your cooking style?)

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